How to Preserve White Truffles in the Fridge

The best method for preserving a fresh white truffle is to keep it in the fridge (at 4 degrees) wrapped in kitchen paper in an airtight container wihout cleaning it. The paper must be changed at least once a day. Make sure that the paper is always dry because it absorbs the truffle humidity and mould can develop if the paper is too moist. If moulds develop the truffle can rot very quickly. A white truffle preserved in the fridge can keep for a week.


Check the consistency of the truffle regularly. When the truffle begins to feel “spongy” or soft to the touch, it is time to use it as quickly as possible as this is the sign that the truffle has reached its maximum ripening time.

Tips and Tricks

Store together with your white truffle some eggs or cheese. The white truffle gives out a strong smell that will be absorbed by the eggs and the cheese rather than dispersing in the air when you open the container. You can then use your eggs to make fresh pasta, or to fry and serve with shaved truffle. The cheese as well can be consumed on its own or with some extra shavings of truffle.

How to preserve white truffles

How to Preserve White Truffles in the Freezer

It is also possible to preserve a white truffle in a freezer stored in a glass or plastic sealed container. This method makes it possible to preserver the truffle for up to 5/6 months. Once removed from the freezer, the white truffle must be consumed frozen otherwise it will go soggy.

How to Preserve White Truffles in Oil or Butter

Another possibility is to preserve the truffle frozen in extra virgin olive oil or butter. You can slice the fresh white truffle and put it in ice container and then cover it with oil or melted butter. Put everything in a sealed plastic or glass container. This method makes it possible to preserve the truffle for up to 2 months.

Not Recommended Way of Preserving White Truffles

Do not store a white truffle in rice as the rice will absorb the moisture too quickly and the truffle will dehydrate.
Do not use absorbent paper, paper towels or similar when storing truffles in the fridge as truffles will transfer their aroma to the paper.
Do not store truffles in plastic bags or cling film as they will rot very quickly.