Truffle Stories sources directly the finest White Truffles (Tuber magnatum pico) from Piedmont. We personally select all of our truffle hunters in order to guarantee the freshness and the quality of the products as well as the origin. White Truffles must be consumed as soon as possible and preserved in the best possible way. This is why we take extra care to ensure that the product is as fresh as possible and it is packaged in a manner that reduces the loss of flavour to a minimum.

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FAQ for purchasing white truffles

We require a 50% deposit before we set off our truffle hunters and their dogs. White truffles demand is really high during the season and the white truffle has a short lifespan.
We purchase fresh Truffles every night and every morning from our trusted truffle hunters in Asti and Alba. The truffles are checked one by one, brushed and then classified according to size and quality.
The precious tuber is packaged in styrofoam boxes designed to transport with synthetic ice, in order to guarantee the freshness of the Truffles when they will arrive in your table.
Delivery is made by carriers across Europe within 24 hours. Outside Europe within 48 hours. If you like, we can send pictures of the products that you will receive.
Each dish requires approximately 10 grams of shaved or grated white truffle. With a 100 gram truffle you can prepare 10 dishes.
The price of white truffles varies considerably from season to season. In addition to this, during the season, the price can vary from one day to another. Factors that determine the price are availability and demand. In 2015 prices were particular high due to particular adverse weather conditions that caused a general truffle shortage.