Roberto Bertuol
Roberto BertuolWhite Truffle Ambassador
White truffle lover, linguist, and digital nomad. I love wine and whisky too! And I really dislike pebble-dash…

Piedmontese Dialect, Barbera and Trifule

Like many people I love food and cooking. I’m fascinated by different cultures and how people cook and eat and have done a fair bit of eating around the world.  However Italian food will always be my comfort food. These days I can find Italian ingredients virtually anywhere in the world and reproduce my favourite dishes though there are three things which remind me of home more than anything else, Piedmontese dialect, Barbera wine, and White Truffles (trifula in Piedmontese).

These three things are unnmistakably Piedmontese and make me feel the connection not only to the people but also to the earth. Piedmontese is nowadays only spoken in the countryside by old people. Barbera has become very sophisticated and available in many parts of the world in expensive restaurants, but it is still the Piedmontese farmers’ favourite drink. White Truffles are a gift of the earth and a truly sensorial and emotional experience. I wanted to share this with the world, hence, this space.